Warehouse handling, lashing & securing of special equipment


Did you know that now a day many companies do not have their own warehouse and chose an outsourced solution?
Having a warehouse can bring a lot of extra work, especially when this is not your core business. We create solutions that can save your company time, risk and resources.

Orange Shipping & Logistics will assist in finding the best fitting warehouse for the most competitive rates.

  • Every kind of commodity has different requirements for storage, packing, labelling and handling. Together with you, Orange shipping & Logistics can help you determine what services are necessary.
  • We have various suppliers in different regions of the Netherlands which creates more flexibility for you and your geographical strategy.
  • Our contracts with multiple courier services assures we can also assist you with the final distribution of your products. We will discuss and assess your exact needs to create a strategy that is transparent and easy to work with.

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