posted on 14 November 2018

An ORANGE outlook

They say “a picture says a thousand words”, which is why you may have noticed some changes to our look. With both a new logo and a newly designed website, we hope to represent our core foundations: transparency, efficiency, and experience in the logistics industry.

Today we’d like to share with you some of the features we’re most excited about, starting with our logo. The Orange Shipping & Logistics logo was built around the theme of brightening logistics through interconnectedness and transparency, and our OSL symbol represents just that! We have kept the OSL symbol that you already know, and changed the design of our name to further represent our company with its bold and industrious design.

New Orange Shipping and Logistics logo


This year has also brought a newly designed website that we are happy to share with you. Not only does it reflect our brand, but it was designed to help you as efficiently as possible. One of the features we are most excited about is the “request a quote” button in the upper right corner. With this feature you will be able to input all the information about the shipment you need, and a member of our team will quickly get back to you with a quote.


We are also excited to share with you practical information about the world of shipping! If you navigate to our homepage you may hover over each of the services we offer. By clicking on the icon, you can learn more about the service, and how we can uniquely help you in the process.


Finally, we look forward to continuing to expand our network in the logistics world on LinkedIn. Be sure to follow along and connect with us to stay current on all that is new with Orange Shipping and Logistics.